Logo & Promotional Animations

A truly unmatched and unique way to advertise your business, Logo and promotional animations can bring  new customers in with eye catching movements grouped with specially selected sound effects

A action packed promotion commissioned by CaneCutters. using the release of the new BadBoys film, we took elements from movie and merged them with a special the restaurant was offering.

A new Facebook Banner video animation for our own page. having the logo merge out with a custom liquid effect, followed by the services offered popping out into visibility 

Quick and effective logo entrance using all elements of the logo, by having the Globe part of the logo spin in with a 360 degree movement, then simultaneously having the company name pop out and a plane swoop in to complete the logo.

For a Instagram Status Promotion. we used the elements of school as a design base and making use of multiple scenes to compile a complete 15 second advert. to future add ontop is a selection of over 20 sound effects to make each action come to life with realism.

As an introduction of our companies new logo we used a splash of mango juice to reveal the 3D version of our mango.  then the text animated in while the music changed to provide a vintage feeling the logo is going for. 

Since the company is in the construction and electrical industry I wanted to make use of an electrical current as a method to reveal the logo. applying this onto a blueprint background, further pulling elements from the construction theme. I placed the entire animation onto a camera movement effect. allowing the dynamic movements to come to life whitest the current travels through the logo.

This animation starts with a spinning saw blade flying into the field of view and resting while maintaining the rotation, the companies name then pops out with a bounce motion along with the mountain range rising from beneath. Next, a flock of birds swoop in from above whilst a metal plate slaps down on top of the blade stopping its motion. The birds then glide below the name and raise to up across the mountains. simultaneously the phone numbers raise from the plate as two screws are tightening on either side while the two hatchets sling over into place. ending the animation off is a small bump up of the whole logo the pushes the birds off-screen

By keeping the aspects that the company operates in, I immediately could brainstorm several aspects I could implement. I started the animation with a fast zoom into the framing effect of the logo, which had been textured with a stone finish. Complimenting this was a disturbance effect in the shape of smoke as the logo hit the background. as the dust settles the slogan is revealed, followed
promptly by a shine line diagonally crossing over the logo, I closed out the animation with the logo exploding into disappearance, further complimenting the business industry.

Looking at the structure of the logo, I saw the perfect path to start the animation with a tracking reveal for the first part of the logo, separating the 3 stock bars from the rest of the logo, I individually introduced them with an upwards emergence from behind, which ended off with a bounce effect before resting in the appropriate place then moving on with the arrow flowing from within the logo in an elevating action to represent growth. Having the logo structure complete I now optically emerged a gradient colour to fill the logo, simultaneously exposing the name of the company and slogan. Ending the animation off with a shadow fall back that lift logo.

Simplicity was the key to this animation. needed for a website home page I kept
the background a solid white and began the animation by sliding out the word
“solar” from the centre of the screen. Next from either side of the word the final
words for the companies name sides out in opposite directions and end with a
slight bounce movement, while this occurs the logo is completed with the signature
two leaves which grow out from the “S”.